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How cosmetic dentistry results in a smile makeover

Did you know that professional dental care today can be used to improve the appearance of your mouth, smile and teeth? Yes, cosmetic dentistry, just like its name sounds, is the field where you can obtain a ‘smile makeover’. You will be able to find a treatment plan even if your teeth are misaligned, chipped, broken, discoloured or have several gaps. Bright and shiny teeth smiles can completely transform the look of an individual, increasing self-confidence as well. As a result, there is a positive impact on the individual’s professional and personal life. At Spadent, we always believe that a smile makeover needs to complement the oral and general health of a patient.


Your experienced dentist at Spadent will follow one of the different procedures described here:

Teeth whitening:- Office-based procedures are followed here for yielding best results. Your dentist will make use of a bleaching solution so that there are no side effects on teeth over a long period of time. For patients with bruxism, bad enamel and for intrinsically stained teeth, bleaching solution is the best treatment. For efficient and quick whitening of teeth, Zoom Advanced Power Whitening is a well-known technique, and it can be followed by your dentist.

Gap closure:- It is one of the most common forms of dental treatments under the field of cosmetic dentistry. Dental veneer is a procedure frequently used for closing gaps between teeth. In this procedure, not only is the existing gap closed, but even aesthetic features of the involved teeth are enhanced. Composite and porcelain veneers have been observed to be the most popular here. The dentist at Spadent may even recommend braces for you.

Clear aligners:- Clear aligners are easier and more convenient to use in comparison to braces, brackets or screws. With the use of this gadget, you will be able to have a comfortable and easy smile with minimum discomfort. As positive results start becoming visible, the type of clean aligners also changes. Results can be clearly seen from the 12th week of treatment. You will not feel any kind of difficulty or discomfort in daily life, especially while eating.

Metal free crowns for teeth mottling corrections:- One of the latest trends in the field of cosmetic dentistry is metal free crowns. Dental fluorosis, seen in a number of people these days, leads to mottled teeth, and metal free crowns can mask the affected teeth. In addition, these crowns also have immense strength, allowing these to remain during mastication tasks. Since metal is not being used, there are no strains or marks on teeth even after several years of use. Zirconia is the material used to make metal free crowns.

Cosmetic fillings:- These days, cosmetic dental fillings have started replacing traditional silver fillings for great aesthetics as well as for mental satisfaction. Ceramic, porcelain, composite and glass ionomer are being used as dental fillings by dentists at Spadent. Composite filling remain bonded to the teeth, ensuring that they are not removed from the cavity. Similarly, glass ionomer is affordable for patients and also aesthetically suitable. Restorations with the above materials remain for an extended duration of time, and that too without the risk of damage.

Dental jewelry:- Aesthetics in the field of dentistry has attained new heights, leading to the availability of dental jewelry. It consists of 22 or 24 karat gold jewels and glass crystals, both of which are meant to give new looks to smiles, and it remains on a natural tooth for a period between 6 months to 1 year. After incorporating dental jewelry, the individual will still be able to get scaling and hygiene cleaning services from the Spadent dentist.

Cosmetic polishing and contouring:- Through cosmetic polishing, extrinsic strains can be removed from the enamel’s surface. This treatment ensures that no negative effects of changes in the teeth are visible, and also enhances aesthetics. Cosmetic contouring, also known as enameloplasty or teeth shaping is done by removing tooth enamel to an extent. This one-time treatment procedure reshapes the tooth, takes about an hour, and is most suitable for patients who fear pain during treatment.

Alignment correction with crowns and porcelain veneers:- Crowns work in a systematic manner to correct teeth alignment. Though orthodontic treatments are normally recommended, if there exists a minor change in the natural sequence of teeth, one can fit porcelain veneers. There are no side effects to this correction.

Laser method of gummy smile correction:- Through this procedure, one’s teeth show up properly during talking, smiling and laughing. The laser method in gummy smile correction reduces gums and enhances teeth, turning a gummy smile into one that appears natural. It is a fast procedure which gives satisfactory results as compared to traditional methods.

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