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Dental care involves prevention and treatment of the teeth and gums, as well as replacement of defective teeth. Spadent India considers networking with NGOs to organize dental health camps for their target audiences as its responsibility towards society. By tying up with Non Governmental organizations, we allow dental care to penetrate deep into the roots of Indian society.

With the help of our mobile dental care portable units, we are able to reach into diverse geographical areas of India, starting with the NCR. A specific area may be having its own typical problem, such as fluoride content being high in the local water. In such a scenario, a team from Spadent would typically make available for children or the residents of that particular area.

The job of an NGO is to make communities feel that there is someone to listen to and solve their concerns. By performing our duties in this sector, we make the job of an NGO easier and give communities the confidence to get themselves checked up. In fact, one of our biggest roles is to educate these communities about the ways to maintain general oral health, and whom to approach in the event of a genuine problem.

A simple example of an awareness activity undertaken by our dentists is to demonstrate how to brush. Members of a community are told how to hold brushes, the kinds of toothpaste to be used, and the frequency of brushing. We even provide them with free toothpaste and mouthwash for regular use. We educate the elderly on how the constant consumption of tobacco and gutkha can ruin oral health.

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