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TELEDENTISTRY- Online consultation, treatment planning and follow-up during COVID-19 pandemic.
TELEDENTISTRY- Online consultation, treatment planning and follow-up during COVID-19 pandemic.
Apr 17, 2020 by Dr. Suman Sinha (Observer Spadent)

Oral Health is always considered integral part of general wellbeing. Problem in regard to oral health care services in rural and remote areas are due to limited availability and accessibility of dental professionals, high rate of poverty and diminished public services. Technology is measure driving force and has always been intertwined with human development. Utilisation of evolving technology in health care will ultimately improve and widen access to dental care. Dental professional is seeing extensive technology influx in recent years. Newer Information technology has improved management of dental patient.

Tele-dentistry as a name suggests is a combination of telecommunication and dentistry. The entire process of networking sharing of digital information distant consultation and analysis is dealt by segment of science of telemedicine concerned with dentistry known as tele-dentistry.

  • Aim was to improve patient care and planning
  • Demonstrated-reduced patient care cost, extending treatment to distant rural areas provided complete information to deeper analysis.

Newer opportunities for tele-dentistry have been created in the wake of present scenario of COVID-19.

  • Improve access of oral health care in not only in rural but also in urban and suburban area.
  • Be the fastest and cheapest way to bridge between patient and dentist to the remotest corner.

Changes in information and communication technology used in conjunction with internet have led tele-dentistry to be higher and most sought-after health care treatment tool.

Patients are increasingly drawn to concept of health care services that comes to them rather than vice-versa.

Tele-dentistry mitigate these by providing some aspect of healthcare and exchange of information in three major ways.: tele-consultation , tele-mentoring , tele-monitoring

  • Video consultation helps in diagnosis and treatment planning.
  • Screening of high risk pre-school children for signs of early childhood caries.
  • Providing primary care professionals with quick and easy access to expert advices of specialist and hence prevent inappropriate orthodontic referrals.

Thus, help in improving patient care and reshape current business model.

Only concern in tele-dentistry is confidentiality of information, privacy and security of transfer of medical and dental history of patient.

Advancement of technologies has always made impact in the health care sector. Tele-dentistry will just be an alternative method of providing current dental health facilities with collaboration of multiple practitioners about patient and also encouraging to most remote and isolated population.

Spadent team is promoting tele-dentistry for the people suffering from dental problems.

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