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We all like to take care of our external, “highly visible and mandatory” body parts. Despite this, an area which is commonly ignored is the oral hygiene, characterized by teeth. Statistics will reveal the truth- out of a total of 16.9 million people affected by dental problems in Delhi, only 20% of them visit the dentist in their lifetime. Taking the above into consideration, Spadent India has decided to set up dental camps in different parts of the Capital.

Now, what exactly is a dental camp, you ask? Spadent has a portable setup of dental machinery which can be installed at the following areas:

Educational institutes

Housing societies

Corporate MNCs

Areas where individuals suffer from dental problems

School Camp

Main aim

We realize that many people do not have time these days to visit or schedule dental appointments. This is the reason why we have brought 100 portable setups and 50 dental clinics to their doorstep. For the sake of convenience, Spadent India does not want individuals to simply neglect dental health for years on end. You can explore dental camps near me and know about the different services available, especially through Spadent India.


At each establishment, we first conduct a general examination of oral health. In most cases, dental problems, if any, can be detected at the first step itself. However, if greater dental treatment is required over a period of time, our dentist refers the individual further. While the initial examination is free of charge, the cost of specialized treatment would depend on the nature of the problem. For example, scaling, which comes under tooth cleaning cost is priced differently as compared to root canal treatment. The level of specialization and skills required from both are very different, and so the price difference.

So how is it beneficial?

First of all, the dental camp is able to diagnose any tooth problem at any stage. Secondly, a place such as an MNC or an educational institute is able to gather several people at one place and get their oral activities. Thirdly, Spadent reinforces the faith that companies or institutes put into their employees, or students.

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