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Why teeth cleaning can keep your teeth healthy

One of the most neglected activities for many of us is teeth cleaning. Several researchers have found people not cleaning their teeth properly and doing more damage than good. Consequently, they tend to wonder why they face dental problems despite cleaning their teeth on a regular basis.

Considering the different kinds of edible items we consume throughout the day, it is better for us go to dentists, such as the ones at Spadent, for regular dental check-ups. Such a dentist will also be able to hold sessions and teach you how to clean teeth properly. Cleaning procedures can be undertaken once every six months. In case you have any query about the procedure, it will be clarified by the dentist at Spadent.

Explanation of dental cleaning procedures

Physical examination:- The dentist at Spadent will perform a physical examination of teeth and gums using a small mirror.

Plaque and tartar removal:- You may experience scraping sounds around the gums, which is perfectly normal. The dentist will make use of a scaler for removal of plaque and tartar. A little bit of pain is normal during scaling. However, if there is a lot of tartar, the dentist may need to scrape more than usual.

Flossing:- For the removal of small particles settled between your teeth, the dentist makes use of the flossing technique. This may also be taught to you to be done at home later.

Rinsing the mouth:- In order to get rid of impurities during the entire procedure, the dentist will tell you to rinse your mouth with water.

Fluoride treatment:- This form of treatment is given for healthy gums and teeth. It will include tastes such as strawberry and mint.

What is the teeth cleaning time?

Depending on the existing condition of your teeth, it takes between 30 minutes to an hour to complete the teeth cleaning procedure. In dental terms, it is referred to as scaling and polishing.

How much does teeth cleaning cost?

The cost of scaling and polishing ranges between INR 500 to INR 1500. If you need to take an X-ray, the cost would subsequently go up.

Can dental cleaning damage teeth?

While you get a constant scraping sound, you may feel as though the enamel is being scraped and can damage the teeth, which is not true. Even though teeth are more sensitive for some time, it does not mean that enamel has been scraped off. Only plaque and calculus which is not removed by daily brushing is eliminated in this procedure.

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