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How teeth whitening is beneficial for you

Everybody wishes to have shiny and beautiful white teeth. Individuals with discoloured teeth tend to lose confidence in life, as well as some opportunities to grow. Therefore, people try different ways of keeping their teeth bright and white. However, such methods will not be able to guarantee whiteness over a long period of time. You need to visit the dentist at Spadent for teeth whitening India.


Myths about teeth whitening

Teeth whitening has always been a very popular cosmetic treatment option. However, many people have certain myths against this procedure:

Teeth become sensitive:- For customers who already have sensitive teeth, they can become more sensitive temporarily. The dentist at Spadent makes use of different gels to reduce sensitivity before and after treatment.

It is painful:- Teeth whitening is mostly painless, but just in case the bleaching agent touches your gums, it can cause discomfort. A gel known as Gingival Barrier is applied by the dentist on gums to prevent the solution from affecting teeth.

It can lead to mouth cancer:- The effect of whitening lasts for a lesser period of time in a regular coffee drinker, a smoker and betelnut chewers. There is no scientific proof to say that whitening leads to mouth cancer.

It damages the enamel:- The use of peroxide is safe to whiten teeth, as per scientific evidence. Teeth become brighter due to bleaching gel, and do not affect the enamel. Earlier methods were relatively harsher than today.

Teeth whitening takes a time of 30 minutes on an average. 3-4 sessions are necessary for your teeth to show the desired result. These days, the laser whitening procedure helps achieve positive results in a quicker manner. Only one session is required in the latter. In the laser whitening procedure, the dentist at Spadent will tell you to wear a dam on your gums to protect it from the beam. Once the gel is applied to the gums, it gets activated by application of laser.

Make use of fluoride toothpaste

Brush teeth thoroughly and regularly

Consume as little of sugary and stain-causing foods as much as possible

Go to the dentist at Spadent for regular checkups

Recovery is pretty quick. You can get back to your regular routine immediately after the whitening treatment.

Teeth whitening charges in India

Different methods of teeth whitening are followed in India, which will be explained to you by the dentist in greater detail. The cost ranges from INR 1000 to INR 150000.

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