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Refund policy

No claims for refund can be initiated if the balance of treatment is undertaken at a clinic not covered by Spadent management.

One cannot claim if the final stage of treatment is already over.

No claims will be entertained if implants, ortho brackets, dentures or crowns have been ordered by a vendor who is not under our jurisdiction.

A refund can be issued if the individual’s medical history undergoes a change, making him/her unsuitable for the pre-decided mode of treatment.

Upon acceptance by Spadent, the refund takes up to 30 working days to get credited to any user’s account.

Conditions for refund are already defined in the “Consent” form, signed by an individual prior to treatment. All refunds will continue to be governed by this form.

If the outcome of any treatment is not as per expectations and the individual demands a refund, Spadent can:

Have a senior doctor/specialist look into the case for second opinion

Repeat treatment at no cost under the following conditions:

The individual has maintained good oral hygiene and has been regular with appointments.

The individual has adhered to treatment protocols in case of orthodontic appliances, such as regular usage of removable retainers.

The individual has been diligently following post operative instructions in case of implants, has not smoked and maintained normal blood parameters.

If cost of repeat treatment is more than that of the original, then the individual will have to bear the difference.

The management reserves the right to accept or reject any refund as per medical history and clinical examination. Disputes, if any, can be settled at the Delhi High Court.

During treatment at a dental camp, ONLY general screening and teeth cleaning will be carried out free of cost for the participants. Any additional treatments such as root canal treatment, extraction, teeth whitening and others will be chargeable.


Once you contact Spadent India Pvt Ltd., give us at least a week to arrange the equipment necessary for a particular venue.

Spadent India Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO-authorised dental services provider, having comprehensive dental services at both mobile dental clinics and at physical centers.

Unauthorized use of the Spadent name is subject to legal action.

It is hereby notified that Spadent medical prescriptions are not for medico legal purpose and only solve the purpose of appointment records. Cases in which the investigating doctor thinks investigation by law enforcement is necessary after checking medical history and physical examination come under the purview of medico legal cases.

Rates quoted at our stationary clinics will be different from those administered at the mobile clinic.

Not every geographical area in Delhi NCR can be covered all at once. If we have not set up in your area, please remember to give us some time.

Dentists at Spadent India Pvt. Ltd. have taken oaths to provide ethical dental services without discrimination on the basis of class, colour, creed or caste. You can report to us if you ever find such an instance at our premises.

All information written on the Spadent website should be treated as guidelines and not be substituted for professional dental advice.

We reserve the right to change, modify or reject any Ad on our website, notwithstanding an earlier acceptance from our side, even if it has already been paid for.

Terms and Conditions mentioned on the Spadent website can be modified without prior notice to users. Our services may be added, changed, deleted or ended any time.

Storage or transmission of content on this website must necessarily be used for lawful purposes. If such instances of content usage in violation of state, local or national law are found, Spadent is authorized to take legal action. This also includes material governed by trademark, patent or copyrights.

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