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Get an excellent bite with teeth braces and aligners

You must have seen wires in the mouths of many people, with brackets on every tooth. These wires, or dental braces as they are technically called, are meant to straighten or align teeth for a uniform bite. Purposes of dental braces include jaw correction, correction of irregular teeth positions, improvement in smile and chewing aesthetics. The dentist at Spadent will be the best person to guide you on treatment options.

Many dental issues are faced when primary teeth are replaced by adult teeth to aid speech, digestion and appearance. Issues at this stage which can be corrected by teeth braces and aligners include:

Crooked teeth, which may lead to periodontal issues like bleeding gums, tooth mobility and halitosis (bad breath)

Improper bite, which affects the ability to chew

Incorrect spacing between teeth, which may result in speech problems

Crowded teeth may result in poor hygiene, also resulting in cavities

Proclined teeth can lead to a more convex profile


Is there a best time to get teeth braces and aligners?

Each individual’s requirement differs from the other. It is true that orthodontic treatment may begin as early as the age of 7 years. Similarly, no upper age limit exists for braces. If you possess appropriate oral health, the dentist at Spadent may advise you to wear braces at any age.

Types of braces

Ceramic conventional braces:- These are the ones comprising of clear brackets. They look very similar to the teeth and can blend naturally.

Lingual braces:- These heavy metal braces are put behind teeth. They could be made of either gold or silver. An individual bracket of these braces can be customized with the help of CAD-CAM/ 3D designing.

Metal self ligating braces:- These metal brackets make use of shutter or lock mechanisms and do not require elastic to be tied to the wire. Such braces minimize the requirement for extraction.

Metal conventional braces:- They are the most common type of braces in use. Elastics of various colours are necessary to tie wires to the braces. Today’s metal braces are smaller and more comfortable than earlier.

Aligners:- Clean aligners do not need wire or braces. They are medical grade plastic trays which fit into the mouths. They are highly aesthetic as they cannot be seen, making them visually suitable for many. Once placed inside, there are no food restrictions. Teeth braces clear aligners are also able to hide gaps. However, they are more expensive than the above.

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