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Why wisdom teeth removal is necessary

You are facing excruciating pain at the back of your mouth, to which the dentist at Spadent says that it is time to remove the wisdom tooth. He or she may refer you to an oral surgeon within the same setup, who will carry out this procedure in the form of a surgery. There is nothing to worry because wisdom tooth removal surgery only takes a few days to heal, bringing you back into action in no time.

Wisdom teeth are the 3rd set of molars present in the rear of your mouth. They can usually be seen within the ages of 17 to 25, and are visible through X-rays.


Common reasons for wisdom teeth removal are one or more of the following:

Mouth isn’t big enough:- There is no room left in your jaw for an extra set of molars

They are painful:- By virtue of being back in the mouth, they rarely come out naturally. They tend to get trapped in the gums or jawbone, which becomes painful

Gum disease or cavities:- You are unable to reach these teeth with the help of toothbrushes or floss Anesthesia for wisdom tooth removal surgery could be one of the following:

IV sedation:- Your mouth will be numbed and you will be given drugs into a vein in your arm to induce drowsiness.

General:- A drug will either be given into a vein of yours or in the form of gas in a mask. You would remain asleep during the entire course of surgery, and possibly even for an hour more.

Local:- Local anesthesia such as lidocaine, mepivicaine or novocaine will be put into your mouth. Nitrous oxide or laughing gas may be given to make you doze during surgery.

Recovery from wisdom tooth removal

It takes an average of 3-4 days to recover from the above oral surgery. In case the tooth had come out at an awkward angle, it could take almost a week. Ideally, you must avoid activities which could dislodge the blood clot on your wound or the stitches. Such activities include:


Drinking with a straw

Strenuous physical exercise


How much does it cost?

The wisdom tooth removal cost in India ranges from INR 2000 to INR 20,000, depending upon the chosen dentist.

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