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Acute Psychiatry, Psychology & Dental Treatment

We provide psychiatry and dental healthcare services in Najafgarh – Delhi & nearby area. Book an appointment with us online.

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Spadent Hospital
Acute Psychiatry, Psychology, De-addiction & Dental

Spadent provides dental and mental healthcare services in Najafgarh, Delhi and nearby area.

Mental services includes:-Psychiatry services (depression, anxiety, bipolar, mania, psychosis, phobia, personality disorder & sexual dysfunction)

Psychological services:- Relationship management, stress management, psychological sessions, psychological testing, mental trauma treatment, marital/couple therapy, teenagers session, child IQ testing, career counselling, sexual dysfunction, corporate psychological services etc.)

Admission facility for acute psychiatry and de-addiction:- Spadent provides admission for patients who cannot be managed at home and require specialized care.

Hassle free Dental treatments include:- RCT, Bridges, Implants, Braces, Aligners, Surgical extraction, Child dentistry & Aesthetic dentistry etc.

Dr. Nikhil Kaushik
Dr. Himani
Our Services

What Service We Offer

Acute psychiatry & psychology and dental treatment in Najafgarh-Delhi


Relationship Management, stress Management, Psychological Sessions & Testing, Mental Trauma, Marital/Couple Therapy, Teenager Session, Child IQ Testing, Career Counselling, Sexual Dysfunction, Corporate Psychological Services etc.

Dental Treatment

Dental Checkup, Teeth Pain, Teeth Whitening, Teeth Cleaning, Dental Implant, Root Canal Treatment, Gum Bleeding and Oral Care


Admission facility for acute psychiatry and de-addiction:
Spadent provides admission for patients who cannot be managed at home and require specialized care.

Awareness Program

We provide dental Camp, Sociatal Camp and Corporate Camp.


We provide internship program for student who pursuing psychology & Dentistry.

Our Vision

Complete Treatment of Psychiatry, Psychology and Dental

Spadent wants to serve the community and groups such that the service will not impose higher loads onto the pocket of customers and also help them in saving their time so that they can increase their productivity. For spadent team, we want to create an environment which will help in maximizing the output henceforth leading to growth and success of the team. Thus have mutual benefits leading to healthy smiles for all. Spadent wants to outreach 0.6 million customers with its 100 movable set-ups and 50 dental clinics within Delhi-NCR by 2025 and 3.6 million customers with its 600 movable set-ups and 300 dental clinics within India by 2029 and having SEA presence by 2030.

Our Customer Experience

Spadent hospital has the most experienced psychologists. Girija Ma’am and Himani Ma’am provided a homely and friendly environment which made it very easy for me to cope with the problems I was facing with my addiction. Always a preferred choice over any other hospital. Thank you for your services.

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We provide mental and dental healthcare services ease of booking appointment & also having admission facility for acute psychiatry & de-addiction.

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