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About Us

Spadent Hospital
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The company Spadent India Private Limited was formed in the year 2018 by Dr. Nikhil Kaushik and Prateek Sharma with the vision of‘Healthy Smiles’. Spadent provides on-spot dental services at their different outreach program with its movable dental setups andcustomer can schedule follow-up at their places as well as our nearby dental clinic thereby saving 10 percent time 10 Percent cost andupto 20 percent resources unlike other functional dental clinics. There are 16.9 million middle class and above people residing in Delhi-NCR who is suffering from dental problems but only 20% of this segment goes to dentist for treatment in their life-time and 80% reachesfor rehabilitation. Thus with spadent, we are trying to bridge the gap between oral healthcare service provider and under served population with movable dental set-ups and dental clinics. We are functional in two locations: Najafgarh, Dwarka Delhi; where we have served 3000+ customers in one year. We are aiming to outreach 0.6 million customers with our 100 portable setups and 50 dentalclinics within Delhi-NCR by 2025, 3.6 million customers with 600 portable set-ups and 300 dental clinics in India by 2029 and having presence in multiple location of SEA by 2030. We are actively searching for strategic partners, business developers, scaling opportunities and equity raising.

Best Of The Best

Facilities at Spadent Hospital

The following dental & mental activities can be undertaken at Spadent clinics:

Depression, anxiety, bipolar, mania, psychosis, phobia, personality disorder & sexual dysfunction)

 Relationship management, stress management, psychological sessions, psychological testing, mental trauma treatment, marital/couple therapy, teenager session, child IQ testing, career counselling, sexual dysfunction, corporate psychological services etc.

For acute psychiatry and de-addiction:
Spadent provides admission for patients who cannot be managed at home and require specialized care.

RCT, Bridges, Implants, Braces, Aligners, Surgical extraction, Child dentistry & Aesthetic dentistry etc.

Our Approach

The Procedure for a Check-up at Spadent Hospital


Spadent mission is to provide on spot dental treatment with its movable dental set-ups at different outreach program like school dental health program, corporate camp and societal camp to its customer who can schedule appointments at their places as well as visit spadent’s nearby dental clinic for follow-up thereby saving 10% cost and 10% time; and upto 20% total resources unlike other functional dental clinics. Spadent is bridging the gap between oral healthcare service providers and people suffering from dental problems with movable dental set-ups and dental clinics to improve Oral Health Related Quality of Life. And yes, we also make sure you chew the items you like for as long as you want!

Why Spadent

  • Provides the much needed affordable all-round treatment
  • Provides mobile dental care set up and treatment in  Najafgarh within Business hour
  • Trusted & Reliable (ISO 9001:2015 Certified)
  • Discount of 10-15% availed on spot
  • Clinical diagnosis and treatment is provided for the oraldiseases within 30 minutes
  • No waiting period at clinic

We provide mental and dental healthcare services ease of booking appointment & also having admission facility for acute psychiatry & de-addiction.

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